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When your man goes out and does something sweet like leaving you roses on your pillow, you just have to give him a little to reward his chivalry. Jon was so sweet to me, I had to give him something in return. Why not a piece of ass? As I spread my legs wide on the couch, with the top of my dress down to reveal my naked breasts and the bottom hiked up to expose my pussy, I asked “Want me to make that cock all hard for you?’ Jon wasn’t going to waste any time. He walked right up to me with his cock. Nothing like a cock in my face hehe! I love it. Getting it rock hard inside my lips as I suck it stiff. There is nothing better. His full prick was standing straight up. And I took it deep into my throat, almost gagging on the full length of his meat in my mouth. But neither of us would be happy until we got to fucking. I reclined back against the couch in missionary position, running Jon’s swollen dick along the lips of my cunt before diving it deep inside me. Oh shit yes! This is just what we both needed, my juicy hole wrapped tight along Jon’s cock. I held my legs back, tempted him to fuck me deeper. As I held each of my legs by my 7" high heel, Jon pounded my pussy until he couldn’t hold back any longer. The cream of my cum was all over his dick now, tempting Jon to squirt a nice big spurt of cum over me. He pulled his prick out of my pussy and stroked it over my face and tits. Within seconds droplets of creamy goo were raining down on my tits and face. God I love that!!

Breena is a woman after my own heart. Sweet, curvy, confident. Every ounce a woman. And I can’t get enough of her! The sexual chemistry between us is undeniable. In fact, on our latest get together we barely talked at all. We went straight to bed and got naked, kissing deeply and working one another out of our lingerie. It was only a matter of minutes before beautiful Breena had me spread wide, her face buried between my legs. Shaking her tongue back and forth over my clit, Breena had me cumming within a matter of minutes. I couldn’t believe how skilled this girl’s hot tongue was over my box! I had to return the sexy favor. Breena leaned back across the big bed and I moved from her full tits down to her delicious pussy. Sucking her pink clit into my mouth, I alternated between sucking it in and flicking it with a stiff tongue. Breena was quivering all over and squealing with delight. Her entire body tensed up under my mouth and fingers. Breena was gasping for air, but I wouldn’t let up. I had to make her juicy box cum on my mouth. Faster and a little harder I sucked her sensitive clit into my mouth. Breena couldn’t take more. She moaned loudly and came right on my lips. So delicious, her cum juices! We moved all over the room that night, making each other cum again and again. Breena’s kisses and her soft, hot curves won’t be leaving my memory for a long time to come!

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During one of our weekend getaway trips where Jon and I rent a hotel room and have a little date time here in town, I noticed they had furnished the room with this small bench. It was off to the side. It was something that was probably intended more for decoration than actual use. Dressed only in my little Hustler tee shirt, I sat back on the bench and explained that with all the girl on girl action I had been getting lately, “I want to play with YOU now, ok?” Jon just grinned and walked up close to me with his pants down, cock ready to be sucked. I guess he had been feeling neglected! I could definitely change that. I knew that taking his dick into my mouth and sucking him rock hard would improve the situation. Come on, what guy wouldn’t forgive a girl if she would get down on her knees and suck his dick?! ;-) Especially if it means it gets her so horny she strips naked in the middle of the room and bends over for him to fuck her? Or lube up her cunt and show him how she is ready for that prick by teasing her clit with her fingers? That is a snatch that is primed and ready for his dick. Jon couldn’t resist, he sunk his meat deep inside me, pounding my naughty little pussy hard and fast from the beginning. Knowing that his favorite position is doggie style, I bent over the bench to show him my round butt as he slid his cock deep inside my tight cunt hole again. Better yet, I can stroke his long rod with two hands. Spitting on it like a dirty little whore, begging him for every drop of his cum over my tits as his cock erupts in bursts of creamy spooge across my boobs and I like it all up. When he fucks me like this I remember why I married him, because he’s just as big a pervert as I am!! LoL
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I love planes and flying so one day friends of ours offered to give me a tour of the hangars for private jets. I can’t explain why the small, sleek aircraft turned me on. Is that weird? Maybe it is. But you know me, I was naked in a heartbeat! When I get that horny, I rarely pass up the opportunity to get off! And the once in a lifetime opportunity to do it on a sexy jet? Count me in! In no time I was playing with my tits, bending over the seats, pulling out a rubber dildo. Lying back on the jet’s couch, I teased my pussy with the cock toy. My legs spread, I wanted to get myself really juicy. Sliding the plastic dick deep into my hole, the thrill of being this naughty had me so hot already! After a few strokes I flipped over into doggie style so I could fuck myself good and hard. When rubbing my clit hard and fast, the firm dick filling me up felt amazing. I needed to cum! Faster, faster I pounded myself. There was no stopping it now. It was so close. Screaming out, not caring who heard me, I came hard and fast over the thick toy in my pussy. Yesssss!! That plane will never be the same, woo hoo!
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